Crumball Rally: The Italian Job – Day 0

The four factors contributing to a good road trip:


  1. Good road
  2. Good tunes
  3. Good company
  4. Good car


The road we rode today was nothing compared to the weather – blue sky, 25 degrees and the kind of dusty breeze that massages your scalp at 100 70 miles an hour on the motorway – so far no winding mountain-top lanes, but a clean, smooth ride arriving at the destination exactly when we meant to arrive. Not a second too soon.


The jovial holiday atmosphere was propelled by some great tunes, the intensity of which was seen to by Simon’s timely procurement of a car stereo, and leaving London this morning to DJ Vadim blasting out the open top onto the streets of Shoreditch definitely set the tone. Mind you, no one batted an eyelid.


The company has been as fantastic as expected, and Simon doesn’t even mind that I have a ‘bad back’ and he has to do all the driving through the Champagne region because of my bad back. So far we’ve sang songs, spun stories, loved, laughed and drank wine. Plus we’ve started filming our short film using my Canon D60 and Simon’s Go Pro. Aside from the 2 of us, there are 86 other cars all taking part in the race and we have seen many of them at different parts today. In fact, the first team we spotted was a mini at the side of the M2 with the bonnet up. After a Crumball-popular ferry journey and several beeps and waves later, we saw trio of MX-5’s pulled over in the lay-by of a French motorway. Not being able to pass up a photo op like that, we reversed and pulled up beside them comparing cars and the novelty of a high-factor suncream. Not long afterwards, we spotted a Yellow Submarine with the bonnet up.

Mazdas in a  row



We arrived and registered and the organisers gave us the low-down: the mini has a blown head gasket and is getting a hire car; the yellow submarine suffered the same fate, but the determined passengers have also taken to the hire cars and a few other mis-haps along the way. Thankfully our 1991 MX-5 has only suffered a flesh wound so far when the wing-mirror fell out as the door shut. Nothing a bit of Gaffer Tape won’t fix.

Casualty 1


Day 0 summary: 1. Tick 2. Tick 3. Tick 4. Tick



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